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Title: Fucking Couch (01/01)
Author: amanda: jaclyn’s twin sister
Pairing: Krenrie (Kris Allen / David Henrie)
Rating: NC-17
Notes: this pairing / fic was inspired by the amazing [livejournal.com profile] kradamgasm. She rocks my world! LOL
Warning: strong language, explicit sexual content
Word Count: 2,116
Summary: Kris likes crushed red velvet…


As soon as the director called, That’s a wrap! people started to leave the set. Kris Allen hugged Selena goodbye when she skipped over to him. She had grown to be like a little sister to him since he’d started dating her co-star, David Henrie. Kris smiled to himself as he watched David talk to his TV show little brother for a moment. They were laughing at something one of them said, then Jake T. Austin told David goodnight and walked away.

Suddenly David’s eyes met Kris’ and there was a mischievous sparkle to them. Kris bit his lower lip and groaned quietly. He knew what that look meant. The one that was not only mischievous, but had an underlying heat about them. A spark that traveled down Kris’ spine and directly to his groin. David grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at the older man, beckoning him over with just his facial expression.

Kris’ feet moved on autopilot to bring him closer to his boyfriend, so close in fact, that they were standing nose to nose. David’s hands instantly closed around Kris’ hips. “Hi,” he whispered softly.

Kris blushed shyly. “Hi yourself,” he replied just as softly.

“We’re all alone,” David told him and began to walk backwards towards the red couch in the lair set of Wizards of Waverly Place. Kris looked around, they were indeed all alone and the only lights that were on were the ones directly over the set. Everything else was drowned in darkness.

Kris moved his gaze back to his boyfriend’s to see the younger man smirking. “What are you up to?” Kris asked, his voice laced with suspicion. David didn’t speak, he stopped walking and pulled Kris down on to the sofa. It was crushed red velvet. Kris moaned quietly as he ran his hands over the fabric, so soft and lovely against his rough hands.

“Do you like how it feels?” David breathed against his ear. Kris nodded as he swallowed audibly, his eyes closed and his jaw slack. “Would you like to know how it feels against your bare skin?” A shiver raced down Kris’ spine and he nodded again. He felt David pull away, but not by much. Then he felt David slowly slip his t-shirt over his head. Kris knew only too well where this was going and there was no way he was going to stop it. So he sat back and let David undress them both. He watched with hungry eyes and fist wrapped around a flushed cock when it was David’s turn to get naked.

Kris slowly pumped his erection as his boyfriend undressed slowly. David’s body was a work of art, so defined by muscle. He smirked to himself and thought, If only those little fans of David’s could see him like this… Kris sighed happily. He was the only one that got to see this side of David… all sides of David and Kris couldn’t get enough of just looking at the finely chiseled features.

David climbed back on the couch and touched Kris’ face, bringing him back from his reverie. “Penny  for your thoughts?” David asked, his lips hoveringly closely to his boyfriend’s.

Kris licked his suddenly dry lips and the tip of his tongue touched David’s mouth just slightly. “Just… uh… thinking…” Kris was having trouble stringing a sentence together with David so close and so naked.

David smirked. “Yes, I figured that. But what about?”

“You,” Kris breathed.

“What about me?” David asked as he lowered Kris on to his back and swatted his hand away from his dick. “Mine,” David whispered as he gave a gentle tug to the erection.

Kris whimpered and wriggled his hips a little. The velvet of the couch was turning him on. “I was thinking about… about how I love to just look at… at your body,” he confessed as he ran his hands over the well-muscled chest in front of him. “All your fans… they don’t get to see it. Just me,” he panted as David continued to stroke him gently. “If they could see you, they’d cream their little panties.”

David buried his face in Kris’ neck and laughed loudly. “Mm, same with your fans if they could see you,” he purred. Kris whimpered and bucked his hips. He liked how the crushed velvet felt against his back and ass. He wondered how it’d feel against his prick.

He moaned loudly at the thought. David quirked an eyebrow as he pulled back to look at Kris. “Is there something you’d like to tell me?”

Kris bobbed his head quickly. “Yeah!”

“And what’s that?”

“I um…” Kris blushed, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

David stroked his cheek lightly, encouragingly. “Come on, babe, you can tell me.”

Kris gave a short nod of his head as he gained his confidence back. “I was just… wondering how this couch would feel against my dick,” he said. “It feels so good against my ass… I’m curious.”

A grin broke David’s face. “Oh really?” he said in a sing-song voice. Kris nodded emphatically. “Then lets see how it feels.” Suddenly David flipped Kris over and pressed the older man’s hips down against the couch.

Kris moaned loudly and wiggled his hips to get some friction. Hot damn! It felt so good! Just the right amount of rough and soft. So contradicting, yet so wonderful. David kissed the back of his neck and whispered, “Is it everything you imagined?”

Kris shook his head quickly back and forth. “Nnngggh! So… much… fucking… better!” He was panting already! This couch was fucking amazing! He wanted it in his home, like yesterday!

Kris humped the couch as his boyfriend continued to suck kisses up and down the side of his neck. “Mmph! David, please!” he begged. “I need you! I need you to fuck me just like this!”

“Oh, you do?” David murmured in Kris’ ear.

Kris nodded eagerly. “Yes! God, yes! Please, David! Don’t make me beg!”

David hid a smirk behind Kris’ ear. “Too late, baby,” he chuckled.

Kris grunted, and not in pleasure, as he craned his neck back to look at his boyfriend. “Fuck you,” he growled with a glare.

“Nope, fuck you,” David replied. Kris groaned and pressed his forehead into the couch cushions as he pushed his ass eagerly against his boyfriend’s hard cock. “Eager Beaver,” David murmured.

“Shut up and fuck me!” Kris exclaimed.

David chuckled against the older man’s ear. “Okay, baby, just calm down. I’m gonna take good care of you. I promise. Don’t I always?” Kris whimpered with a nod.

David leaned over the side of the couch to grab his jeans and pulled a travel packet of lube from the pocket. “Always the boy scout,” Kris joked.

David grinned. “Well, when you have a boyfriend like I do…” He let his sentence trail off and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Mm, yeah, now get to it.” Kris rubbed his ass against David’s groin.

“Fuck,” the younger one muttered and quickly set about to applying the lubrication to his cock. Then he slowly and gently prepped Kris’ tight hole with his fingers, sliding them in and out, in and out, until Kris was practically crying with the effort not to come.

“Please!” he cried. “Please, David! I can’t take much more!”

“Shh, shh, shh,” David murmured in his ear and softly patted the sweaty hair on his boyfriend’s head. “It’s okay, baby, I’ve got you.” Then with one fluid motion he pressed his cock deeply inside of one Kris Allen.

Kris whimpered loudly and moved his hips back against David. He bit his lower lip as he then thrust forward against the velvety couch. “Oh, god, David! So good! Move, baby, move!”

David obliged and pulled back before thrusting back into his willing boyfriend. “Harder!” Kris yelped as his cock rubbed roughly against the crushed red velvet beneath him. “Just fuck me, David!” Not one to ever displease his lover, David Henrie gripped Kris’ slim hips tightly in his hands, pulled back and dove forward again using all the strength he had in him.

Kris cried out in immense pleasure as David hit is prostate dead on. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Like that!” David continued a fast and hard pace, pounding mercilessly into the slightly smaller man. It was easy to keep the hard fucking going with the way Kris grunted and moaned and begged and told him how good it felt.

“You’re so tight, baby,” David murmured as he kissed the back of Kris’ neck. “So tight.”

Kris made a strangled sound of pleasure and replied, “Only for you, baby, only for you. No one else can have this. Just you.”

David nuzzled his ear gently. “I love you, Kristopher.”

“I… I love you… too,” Kris panted, overcome with love for his dear boyfriend. No matter how hard, fast or roughly they fucked, it was always considered making love to them. They’d only been together six months, but the two young men were so enamored with each other already. They hated to be apart and even moved in together after only three weeks. People thought they were crazy for making that decision but the couple only thought they were crazy in love.

Every time that David thrust his thick cock into Kris’ ass, it made Kris pitch forward against the sofa and the crushed velvet would rub at his erection roughly. It sent sparks throughout Kris’ body in a way that kept him vocally charged, moans and grunts falling from his lips without end.

David circled his arms around Kris’ waist, planted one foot on the floor, and thrust as hard as he could into his lover. Kris wailed his approval of this new angle and humped wildly against the red sofa below him. “Oh god, baby! I’m so close! Help me!”

“I’mma take care of you, baby,” David whispered into Kris’ hairline. “Just hang on.” He sat up from his hunched over position and grabbed Kris’ hips. He pinned Kris’ hips down to the fabric the older man seemed to love so much and pulled out almost completely. Then he thrust as hard as he could into his lover and ground his pulsing erection into Kris’ prostate.

Kris cried out as David’s grinding motion rubbed his cock against the velvet under him. It only took one more thrust before he was unloading his sweet seed onto the set furniture, his body tensed. With one last whimper, his body went boneless.

Suddenly David flipped him around on to his back and began plowing into him again. Harder, faster, pounding Kris into the sofa as he raced toward his climax. Kris lifted his jelly-feeling legs to wrap around his boyfriend’s waist and placed kisses along his face and throat. “Come on, baby, fuck me,” he moaned, his puckered hole sensitive and quivering around the thick cock inside him. “Please, baby,” he breathed, “fill me up.”

That was all David needed to hear. He gave a few erratic thrusts before his whole body went rigid and his pulsing erection jerked to life. He shouted loudly as his come filled his lover’s body and the pleasure made his eyes roll back in his head. His hips began to slow before he finally flopped against Kris while the older man murmured lovingly and pet his sweaty hair.

“So good, baby, so good,” Kris breathed against David’s temple. “You’re such a fucking champ. That was fucking incredible!” David could only nod limply at this point so Kris wrapped the younger man in a tight embrace and laid quietly while their racing hearts calmed down.

A few moments later, David lifted his head and smiled lovingly into warm brown eyes. “So how’d you like the lair’s couch?”

Kris threw his head back and laughed. “I think I liked it too much!” he giggled. “We’re going to have to have this cleaned, you know.”

David’s soft smile turned into a huge grin. “Don’t worry about it, baby,” he said. “I bought a replacement. This one’s coming home with us.”

“What?!” Kris gasped, his eyes wide. David didn’t speak, just continued to grin. “Ohmygod, David! You didn’t!”

David nodded. “I did.”

Kris frowned. “How the hell are we getting this home?”

David buried his face in Kris’ sweaty neck and laughed. “Only you, Kris, only you.”

“What? I’m just being practical.”

David giggled louder and hugged his boyfriend tightly. Then he lifted his head and looked at Kris. “I love you so much,” he murmured as he brushed a limp lock of Kris’ hair out of his eyes.

Kris leaned into the affection, a sparkle in his eyes, and replied, “I love you too. More than you’ll ever know.”


Date: March 21st, 2011 01:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kradamgasm.livejournal.com
Djshsisjwjsjwsjsjsjshhsahsieororoemwosndieidjdjd SERIOUSLY?!?

*pop* <-------- the sound of my brain exploding!!!

I'm so greatful that you took my fantasy of Kris and David Henrie together and turned it into a reality!

You rock my world too, bb! :D


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