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This is Bear.
He's an American Eskimo Dog.
Hence why he's named Bear, as in Polar Bear.
His birthday is October 15th, 2003.
That makes him 7 and a half years old.
Ma and I adopted him from the Cocheco Valley Humane Society the day before Easter.
Hence why he is Bear the Easter Pup.

So now our fur babies consist of Buddy the Birthday Kitty and Bear the Easter Pup. I think my life is complete now. Bear was 12 years in the making. As in, it took me 12 years to find a home where I was allowed to have a dog and those same 12 years to get my mom to say yes. Haha. But now I have a dog and I'm SO happy!!!!

As for Buddy, he's still a tad weary of the "big" Bear, but mostly he's fine with the new addition. Bear, on the other hand, ignores Buddy for the most part. Although he now sniffs Buddy if Buddy comes up and sniffs at his nose. It's cute. They get along well and there have been absolutely no fights which is great! :-D

One awesome thing about Bear is that he's house trained. He also knows sit, down and roll over. But I've started clicker training him so maybe he could become my service dog one day. But who knows if he'll get that far. I'd at least like him trained well enough that I don't have to drag him away from a squirrel. He sees one and he won't move. It's kind of funny because he's 27.5 pounds (a few lbs overweight) and he's hard to move when he spots one of those little critters!

Another thing: he doesn't smell! I mean, yeah, okay, he's got a distinct scent. But he doesn't have that gross dog smell. He actually reminds me of the way my aunt's dog used to smell. His eyes are brown like hers were and if you just look at his face, you almost see her in it. Maybe that's how he worked his way into my heart.

The story is, Ma and I found 3 dogs on the CVHS's website and pet finder listing that we liked. Their names were Lois Lane, Chubbs, and Jelly Bean. Well, when we got there they told us that Chubbs and Jelly Bean had been adopted. Sad for us but good for them. Then they told us that Lois Lane was in a foster home so she wasn't even at the shelter. But we talked to her foster dad and we found out her personality was too independent and therefore not what I was looking for. So we looked thru the kennels. The second to last kennel held Bear whose name was Seuss at the time.

Apparently he'd been found as a stray but the shelter was convinced he'd been someone's pet because he's got a summer cut and he's house-trained. But anyway! There he was sprawled on his bed with these soulful brown eyes, just watching. When I knelt down and talked to him, he came over and stuck his nose thru the chain link to sniff my finger. It was love at first sight really.

He wasn't what we'd gone there for, but he's what we left with and I couldn't be happier. Plus, Eskie's can live on average up to 15 years. So he's basically middle-aged for his breed, even tho vets consider dogs/cats seniors at age 7.

But I must go now. It's time for Bear's last pee break before bed. Oh! Also it's great that I have a quern size bed since he takes up one whole side with the way he sprawls! LOL

Goodnight Lovers!

amanda: jaclyn's twin sister
Buddy the Birthday Kitty
and the newest member, Bear the Easter Pup ♥

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Date: May 2nd, 2011 04:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] n-isfor-neville.livejournal.com
I need a queen-sized bed because Joel sprawls and takes up so much room, even though he's about the same size as your dog. sadly, my room would not fit a queen bed, unless I get rid of my computer desk & elliptical and then i would have to crawl in and out of my bed, because i wouldn't have any room to walk, lol.


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