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This is Bear.
He's an American Eskimo Dog.
Hence why he's named Bear, as in Polar Bear.
His birthday is October 15th, 2003.
That makes him 7 and a half years old.
Ma and I adopted him from the Cocheco Valley Humane Society the day before Easter.
Hence why he is Bear the Easter Pup.

So now our fur babies consist of Buddy the Birthday Kitty and Bear the Easter Pup. I think my life is complete now. Bear was 12 years in the making. As in, it took me 12 years to find a home where I was allowed to have a dog and those same 12 years to get my mom to say yes. Haha. But now I have a dog and I'm SO happy!!!!

As for Buddy, he's still a tad weary of the "big" Bear, but mostly he's fine with the new addition. Bear, on the other hand, ignores Buddy for the most part. Although he now sniffs Buddy if Buddy comes up and sniffs at his nose. It's cute. They get along well and there have been absolutely no fights which is great! :-D

One awesome thing about Bear is that he's house trained. He also knows sit, down and roll over. But I've started clicker training him so maybe he could become my service dog one day. But who knows if he'll get that far. I'd at least like him trained well enough that I don't have to drag him away from a squirrel. He sees one and he won't move. It's kind of funny because he's 27.5 pounds (a few lbs overweight) and he's hard to move when he spots one of those little critters!

Another thing: he doesn't smell! I mean, yeah, okay, he's got a distinct scent. But he doesn't have that gross dog smell. He actually reminds me of the way my aunt's dog used to smell. His eyes are brown like hers were and if you just look at his face, you almost see her in it. Maybe that's how he worked his way into my heart.

The story is, Ma and I found 3 dogs on the CVHS's website and pet finder listing that we liked. Their names were Lois Lane, Chubbs, and Jelly Bean. Well, when we got there they told us that Chubbs and Jelly Bean had been adopted. Sad for us but good for them. Then they told us that Lois Lane was in a foster home so she wasn't even at the shelter. But we talked to her foster dad and we found out her personality was too independent and therefore not what I was looking for. So we looked thru the kennels. The second to last kennel held Bear whose name was Seuss at the time.

Apparently he'd been found as a stray but the shelter was convinced he'd been someone's pet because he's got a summer cut and he's house-trained. But anyway! There he was sprawled on his bed with these soulful brown eyes, just watching. When I knelt down and talked to him, he came over and stuck his nose thru the chain link to sniff my finger. It was love at first sight really.

He wasn't what we'd gone there for, but he's what we left with and I couldn't be happier. Plus, Eskie's can live on average up to 15 years. So he's basically middle-aged for his breed, even tho vets consider dogs/cats seniors at age 7.

But I must go now. It's time for Bear's last pee break before bed. Oh! Also it's great that I have a quern size bed since he takes up one whole side with the way he sprawls! LOL

Goodnight Lovers!

amanda: jaclyn's twin sister
Buddy the Birthday Kitty
and the newest member, Bear the Easter Pup ♥

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So I've asked people how you can try to make someone that hates rats change their mind about them. All I've really heard is exposure. Now all I need to know is exactly how you expose someone to rats when you don't have any and don't know anyone who does. I'm definitely confused. I heard one girl begged her mom until she let her foster a pair from Mainely Rat Rescue. It took some time, but her mom eventually fell so much in love with one of the rats that she couldn't bear to give him back. They ended up adopting them. I mean, my mom doesn't have to be head over heels for them. She just has to like them enough to let me adopt a pair. Hell, she doesn't have to even like them, just tolerate them.

But whatever. It's not going to happen. I believe that so much that I got a pair of gerbils. Scout and Froy. I'm not sure if we can keep them. They're just locked in my bedroom because of Buddy. He can't leave them alone. He even dive-bombs the cage when I bring it in the livingroom. It's gotten to the point that Froy likes to fight back. Whenever Buddy sticks his nose in the cage, Froy nips him — which is kinda funny. But it's gotten to the point that now Froy nips anything that gets stuck thru the bars, including fingers. But he doesn't bite when you're holding him so that's good. :)

Scout on the other hand is very nice. He doesn't antagonize Buddy and stays away from the bars when Buddy is near. Also, when you stick your finger thru the bars he holds on to it to pull himself up onto his tiptoes to get a better look around. Or he puts his mouth againts your finger as if he's kissing you... Or more likely to see if you're edible :D

You're probably thinking I'm stupid for getting gerbils when I have a cat, right? Well, thing is, I've had two cats and a hamster all at the same time before. Once in a while Logan would jump on top of the tank but not often because she was scolded for it. Also she would run away from the hamster whenever it was out of the cage and tried to go near her. Unusual, I know. What's even more unusual is that MnM would actually let Jazzy crawl on her. She'd even give her piggyback rides, which she always got a treat for doing.

I thought that Buddy would calm down after a while. But of course he hasn't. I'm not liking this one bit. I think I might have been spoiled with Logan and MnM. They weren't your typical cats by any means. I don't want to keep my gerbs locked in my room and not play with them. Or lock myself in my room so I can play with them.

We'll try a glass aquarium first so they're safer from Buddy — and less messy with their bedding. (they like to dig like little meerkats) But I'm not sure what's going to happen. I kind of feel bad about getting them because of the way Buddy is reacting. But I've never had a cat react like this so how was I to know? *sigh*

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So my mom and I have come to an agreement of sorts with the whole pet issue. She told me what I could and could not have...... that is, if she decides I can have one. Right now it's a maybe. But here's the list....

YES: hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, turtle, hermit crab
NO: cats, dogs, rats, snakes, birds, sugar gliders
MAYBE: leopard gecko, rabbit

So of course I took my options and did a little research. I crossed hamsters off my list because I've had them before and they're not big people animals. So I looked into guinea pigs and gerbils. Guinea pigs are quite interesting. They are very social animals that love their people once they get to know you. That was definitely a plus. But I'm pretty sure we don't have enough room for an appropriate sized cage. So I crossed them off the list. Then I looked into gerbils and fell in love ♥

Basically (in my opinion) gerbils are pretty similar to rats =D Gerbils are easily taken care of and are diurnal; which means they sleep at night and are active during the day. I think that makes it easier on the bonding process, ya know to be on the same kind of schedule. Like rats they are also happier and healthier in a pair or group. I'm also quite sure I've convinced Mom that we have to get two if we get them. Gerbils are a lot smaller than rats. They are about four inches in body length plus about four inches of tail. In my research I even checked on how to decipher between males and females to be on the safe side. If we're going to get two we need to make sure there won't be any little babies. Gerbils can have six at a time and I think one article said they've even been known to have up to eleven.

There's probably more I should and could read. I should probably check out the American Gerbil Society website again and check something other than breeders :p I'm also going to try very hard not to constantly bug my mom about getting them. She told me earlier not to pressure her or it's definitely a no. But she knows me and knows I'll have to check in with her once in. While to make sure she doesn't forget haha

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One more thing before bed.

I was just looking at CraigsList Pets and saw an ad for two kittens; 1 male and one 9 month old pregnant female. The woman is giving them away for some reason or another. She said something like they didn't have a room where she can have kittens her first time. I know, it was weird. I didn't get it.

Anyway, I want to take them in as fosters and adopt one in the process that my mom and I can't live without. Then the rest of the kitties I'll post ads on those free ad sites. I'll ask a rehoming fee using the guidelines of the SPCA so I can get that cat fixed before I adopt her out. Also so we can recoupe some of the money for the well kitten check-ups. Altho I may want to adopt her out unaltered and tell the adopters that they can get half the adoption fee back when they have her spayed.

I'll work on my mom tomorrow. I'd really like to help these kittens. Even the kitten parents cuz they are still kittens as far as I know. It's like she got pregnant her first try. But whatever.

I should probably go through my money and see how much I've got. Maybe if I told my mom I'd pay for the medical bills she'd let me do it. I think Buddy would have a ball having little ones running around and another one closer to his age to wrestle with. =D I can see it now and it's exciting!

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. I know my mom will say no. But I have to have some hope. I don't want these little kritters being turned into strays b/c the shelters are too full right now.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and this family of kitties.

Goodnight everyone.

Love, amanda: jaclyn's twin sister♥

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My poor Buddy-baby has worms. We figured it out this weekend. Then my mom called the vet today. They said that the only way he could get these kinds of worms is from fleas or eating dead animals. He obviously isn't eating dead animals since he doesn't go outside and we haven't seen any dead animals in our home. And hopefully we'd know if there were any. Also we know he doesn't have fleas. So Mom asked the vet if he could have had them ever since we adopted him and they said that was a possibility. I'm convinced he had them when we got him b/c the worms are like rice and on the arm of the couch there was a little dried up thing that looked like rice but I could tell it wasn't cuz it was flat. So now I'm convinced b/c I've seen these on his fur around his back end ever since the first day we had him! I'm grossed out. So now he has to take medicine and I'm praying he'll be as good with this stuff as he was with his antibiotics.

Also I think my mom probably hates the SPCA by now. We new when we got him there was a chance he could have an upper respitory infection b/c it was going around the shelter. He ended up having that PLUS conjunctivitis. He also had some loose teeth that have fallen out like the vet said they would. And now he has rice worms — I've named them. My mom's like, every time I turn around it's another hundred dollars to the vet! Its kind of funny.

But we always seem to get the cats that are sickly. My first cat MnM ended up with a bowel disease which was basically like having chronic constipation. We ended up having to put her to sleep because she was in so much pain all the time. My other cat Logan was diagnosed with a heart murmur when she was about a year old. That never really affected her though. She acted like a kitten until the day we had to put her down in January. Now we have Buddy who just has one thing after another.

We have a pet curse.

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Because I'm obsessed with Craigs List and obsessed with finding a pet that Buddy can get along with that my mom would approve of and that is a very human social creature.

During this quest I found a family giving away one of their ferrets away for free. It has a few behavior problems that I think with time could be resolved. Like he plays too rough and is not fully litter trained no matter what they do. Have they not read up on ferrets? Some of them will go ion whatever corner they want as long as their food and bedding is far away. Sometimes you need more than one litter box. These people are giving it away for free b/c the person they adopted it from said if it didn't work out, she'd take it back. But now she won't answer their calls.

I looked up a bunch of stuff on ferrets they're very sociable creatures that love humans and, believe it or not, dogs and cats. Apparently they get along better with them than other rodents b/c their wild ancestors used to hunt small rodents like mice. You still have to supervise play time between ferrets and cats/dogs cuz any of the three can get rough.

Because I have a big heart, want what I can't have, am crazy or all of the above, I'm desperate to get my mom's permission to bring this little guy into our home. He wouldn't really be caged much since I'm home all day. Sometimes I go for a half hour walk on Wednesdays but that's about it during the week. And I'm sure if I went to visit the neighbors they'd love to have another animal roaming the house. Plus you can take them outside on harnesses and leads and they're very trainable.

I don't know what these people will do if they can't find a home for it. They sound kinda desperate. I've always wanted to do something like this for a living. Rescue animals. Train animals. Just be around animals. This sounds like it's be a good experience for me. Plus piling on the animals could help my BP. But more importantly I could help this ferret who they think was neglected by it's first owner.

Now I have to figure out a way to get my mom to be okay with it. I could always do what I did with my mouse and she could come home one day to find him here but that's too disrespectful for a 24 year old to do. But on the other hand I am 24 years old. I think she should give me a little credit for something. I mean maybe getting this ferret could lead to a ferret rescue orginization or, the more hated by people, breeding. Maybe I could make a career out of it. Who knows. Well I'll never know unless she gives me a chance. Also, I'm going to have tons more money when I quit smoking completely. I mean I already have a little more since smoking one pack takes 2 - 3 days now and I should be all quitted in about two weeks.

My hopes are stppid tho. She'll never say yes in a million years. The only reason I got buddy was because Logan was was just as much my mom's cat as she was mine and my mom wanted a new cat too. If she had been over the whole cat thing I wouldn't have gotten Buddy. My mom is sooooo stubborn. Now I know where I got it.

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Jaci, Jake and I went to the movies today. We went to see The Tale of Despereaux. It's about a mouse who isn't scared of anything and that's apparently bad. It was a pretty good movie but definitely should not be rated G. It's kind of violent.

After the movie we stopped at the Target across the street. Then it was off to have pizza at The Pizza Man. Slices were huge and tasty. I got to bring home two pieces of our large pizza. I'll probably eat a piece before bed.

All-in-all, we had fun. Jake had some moments of ugliness but it was to be expected. For the most part he was fun to be around. I can't believe he'll be six on Friday. It seems like only yesterday he was just a baby. It's kind of scary actually.

I woould also like to say that it is all [livejournal.com profile] irresistablehf's fault that I now want a gecko. I've always liked geckos, I just never thought of having them for a pet. Now I want one. Of course the mom says no. Oh well. Buddy will have to do..... For now. *evil laugh*

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So today I went to the cholesterol clinic. My blood tests were good, only one thing went up but just a little so it's in the right range still. Also, I've lost eight pounds since December or did she say May? Anyway January 2008 or maybe the December before, I was 181lbs. I am now 168lbs. So that made me feel pretty good.

Speaking of feeling good...... Wednesday my mom & I got haircuts. My cut was based off a style Ashlee Simpson had when her hair was black and all blunt edges and all razored. My hair looks awesome and I can't wait to show you.

Also, I didn't win any of the awards I was nominated for in the Hanfic Genre Challenge. I was nominated five times but didn't win any. :/

I also think Buddy needs a friend. He's the biggest trouble maker lately. He's jumping on the table and eating the plants and playing with my mom's knitting. First I thought it was because he was hungry. He usually starts acting out when he's hungry; chewing on things and playing with things he's not supposed to play with. He has his own toys he can play with. Maybe I need to get some chew toys for him. Or just more toys in general. I don't know. Maybe he just needs a friend. But my mom definitely will not go for that. But Buddy was used to living with ya know ten other cats. Now he's just got me 24/7 and my mom after work. I don't know.

I haven't quite decided between a refurbished laptop or a brand new netbook. I've found some good prices on both. But seriously, we also need to get a wireless router. I've found some good prices on those too. I found one laptop that once I cash my bday check from my grammie with all I've saved my mom would only have to pay...... Let me check the calculater. The guesstimate is $145 and trust me, she has the money. But then again we're trying to save up for a house. Also that 145 includes the wireless router. So it's not that bad. I think I might want a refurbished laptop instead of a new netbook b/c I want a bigger screen. But who knows. We'll just have to wait and see. I just hope it doesn't take too much longer. My mom always gets nervous with big ticket items where as I if it's something I've wanted for years as soon as I get the money and find the specific one I want, I buy it. I've come to this point in my life where I want to have nice things and I sometimes have money for those things so I buy them. What's wrong with that? I won't buy anything for a whole month just so I can have $80 to put towards saving for a laptop or netbook.

Oy vey it's late. I need to get to bed. I'll talk to u in the morning.

P.S. I'm going to see my PCP tomorrow... er today really. I'm going to try the Chantix again. A carton of my cheap brand of cigarettes went from $37.49 to $44.59 in, like, two weeks. Srsly. I really can't afford to smoke anymore. I told my mom I was never going to smoke a cig that costs over 40 bucks. I think it's funny that the day before I go to my dr to ask for help with my nicotine addiction that they finally went over $40

Goodnight for real now

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So Buddy isn't really eating or drinking. The only time we can get him to do any of it is after doing a 15 minute steam treatment in the bathroom. Also the vet told us we should probably get Buddy a vaporizer. Things are so weird. I'm just scared that his upper respitory thing has turned into pneumona or something. That maybe he'll have the same fate as the Bitch Kitty, the one who came before Buddy. I'm kind of scared because my mom said no more pets after Buddy, he has cost us too much $$$. Seriously, I want a dog next. One that isn't ever sick. But that won't happen because we always wind up with the sickly ones.

As for writing, I've posted chapter four of my Hanfic Genre Challenge story. I've also started on chapter five, which I hope to have up tomorrow some time. And then it'll be on to six. That should be up before the deadline. Plus, I don't think I have a whole lot more to write but maybe I'm wrong. I dunno. I want to at least be qualified to be voted upon.

Also, I'm still working on Mike's birthday scarf. I worked on it between writing and posting today. But at least I got that baby blanket done. And my knitting project that I'll be doing after Mike's scarf is this really awesome patch-work like baby blanket. I have to make two of them. My sister's having twins and I've got plenty of time to work on them. Especially once I get Mike's scarf done and finish my hgc fic.

I have almost enough $$$ to buy the laptop at Staples that's seriously on sale this week. If you include the wireless router with the computer, I have enough that my mom will only have to pay 150$ at the most. And if I somehow miraculously [sp?] get my Xmas money AND my birthday money from my dad, then my mom would on end up paying, like, 20$. I'm not holding my breath about my dad. But whatever.

I'm either going to sleep right now orrrr I'm going to write. But I'm not sure if I could stay awake for that.

So goodnight everyone ♥

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So here are some pictures of my new baby kitty, Buddy.


Clicky Clicky for more Piccy Piccy )

I told you he was cute! 


Feb. 9th, 2009 02:22 am
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Hey guys. Sorry I didn't do a real post today. I was mostly chillaxin with my beautiful baby boy kitty, Buddy. I've been taking pictures of him off and on all day. It's been fun. He's so cuddly. I'm not used to that at all, but I completely love it! I love having a cat that doesn't care if I play with his paws or pick him up or cuddle with him as much as possible. He knows who his mama is =) Also, I noticed the day we got him that he has a brown [ ♥ ] on his back with a black tiger stripe down the middle of it. I feel like it's a sign or something. Like, he's going to heal my broken heart, like he was meant to come home with me. He sleeps with me all night and it's nice. He keeps me warm, especially with our house being so damn cold. Buddy and I sleep in the coldest room in the house.

But anyway.... I've got to get to bed. I actually have to leave my house tomorrow. Fun. I really just want to stay home for a week or two to just hang out with Buddy. I don't think he likes being alone. Another one of those cats. Oh well.

Bedtime! And snuggle time with my Buddykins =D

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& & & & & &

So I had an amazing birthday! First Mom and I went to PETCO to buy the essentials, ie: litter box, litter, food. Then we were off to the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA. We brought a cat crate with us just in case they approved us on the spot and let us take our cat home.

Well, the cat I've been drooling over for the past week was still there. Once I spotted him outside of the cages just napping in a cat bed, I knew I was going to take him home. He's so cute and cuddly and is mostly just chillaxin....... Right from the start. He didn't even cry on the ride home. He actually fell asleep on the ride. We've never had a cat that wasn't so freaked out in the car. It was actually quite nice. I almost forgot he was in there with us.

Right now Buddy and I are in my bed, the first time since Logan died. Buddy is the cutest, most cuddliest cat ever. It showed on his paper work that he was 11 months last month. So that means his first bday is in February. We've decided that his date of birth will now be February 7th, 2008, my cat and I have the same birthday. It's pretty cool. I'll post pictures of him at a later date, when I have more than three to post. Omg! Buddy even poses for pictures! It makes me giggle =)

Well, I think it's about time to get to sleep. I'll post a better update about my birthday tomorrow.

Sleep tight F-Listers!

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Jeezus! I'm so frickin excited about today that I can't get back to sleep. This is gonna suck by the end of the night. But I can't help it. I just want to go to petsmart / petco and the necessaries for my new kitty. We need a new litter box, some new toys, litter, food but we'll probably have to wait to see which one we adopt to figure out the food. Plus they'll need a collar and nametag, not that they'll wear it. I have Logan's tag on my keychain. Now I just need to find MnM's. Then all my memories of my babies will be with me all the time.

Damn. I really canNOT wait for today and then tonight. Today is going to be awesome. I can feel it. Can't you?

Anyway, Imma go on my freezing cold porch and have a smoke. Maybe when I come back in and get under my toasty blankets, I'll be able to get back to sleep. If not, I'll take a shower..... Maybe.

Well, I'm gonna go have that smoke now. I'll update later tonight and tell you how everything goes. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Damn that SPCA! They posted new kitties on their website. Now there's, like, 5 cats I want. It's going to be so hard to choose just one. But my mom only wants one. We've had 2 in the past but my mom says that's too many. Oh well. I just can't wait till tomorrow.

Tonight tho, I get to go out with my bestest friend Jaclyn. I'm excited. She's taking me out to dinner for my bday. We're going to have fun. We always have fun together.

Well, that's it for now. And thanks to those who have been reading and commenting on my hgc fic. It's been fun to write.

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So, this week has been very exciting so far. On Monday my dad has his replacement hip replaced. No, I'm not kidding. The hip they put in him last year was recalled so they had to put a new one in. But my younger sister Vanessa — Teeny Tiny Andrew's mom — says Dad's doing good and he should be home in a few days.

Vanessa also told me that the day my dad had his surgery was the day our new niece Makenzie Marie was born.

Also found out from my aunt that my older sister Jessica has heard both heartbeats. Yes, both. She's having twins.

Also, I get to see Jaci's new apartment on Friday. If she has the money, she's going to take me out for dinner for my bday. It'll be fun. Maybe I'll get to see Dora the Doggie.

Then on Saturday my mom and I are going to petco or petsmart to get ready for a new kitty. Then we'll go to the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA to adopt a new cat. I have my eye on a little cutie named Buddy. But we don't know if we'll get him that day since they have to approve our adoption application. But here's a picture of my little Buddy.

Ain't he cute? He reminds me of my sister's cats.

Okay, on to Saturday night. The whole gang is going out to Newicks for my birthday dinner on my actual bday. I can get my meal free or up to ten dollars off. It's our new family tradition.......well since last year when Newicks came to Concord.

Anyway that's my update on my Birthday Week.

Love always,
amanda: jaclyn's twin sister ♥

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Feb. 4th, 2009 08:05 am
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[EDIT: I was trying to post this sometime after midnight last night but LJ was doing maintainence (sp?) so I'm posting it now..... Ya know, if it feels like working]

So I just found out today that my mom and I are going shopping for some new toys, litter box, litter, cat food and all those nice essentials. My birthday is Saturday and we're going to the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA to adopt a cat! For my birthday!!!!

I can't wait for Saturday! There's an 11 - 12 month old kitty named Buddy. He's the cutest kitty ever! My sister's cats are Jake and Junior b/c they look like twins, but Jake is bigger and older. So the reason I interrupted myself is this: Buddy could be their long lost brother. So now between my older sister Jessica and me, we'll have Jake, Junior and Buddy aka Junior Jr. LOL tho I shouldn't get my hopes up. We're still going to have to be approved for adoption. AND we have to make sure Buddy is the right guy for us. But I'm sure he will be.

*sigh* I just hope everything works out. I whope that if Buddy is a good match and they approve us on the spot, that when Saturday afternoon comes we'll be bringing home my new home alone companion. I miss having the company of a kitty when I'm here by myself. I miss having a little fur ball wake me up in the morning. I miss listening to the battle cry of late night hunts.

I can' wait till my birthday! It's gonna be a good one this year. I can feel it. I'm sure of it.

Bedtime now. I hope to have chapter 03 of Collide posted sometime later today. Sleep well little flisters ♥

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Apparently Nani is doing better. So that's good. She's out of ICU now, but I don't know when she'll be going home.

Michaels is having a dope sale on yarn this week and hopefully I'll be getting some for my Mindless Knitting, TV Watching, Super Scraps Afghan. I started it today. It's looking good so far.

Also, the other day when I went to michaels I got a 40% off coupon. Plus there was another one in the sale papers today! I'm rockin with the coupons this week. Hopefully I can get some more circular needles and lots of little balls of yarn to play around with for this afghan, baby afghan. Now shhhhhhh. I'm not supposed to tell anyone but............... My older sister Jessica is pregnant with twins! But we're not supposed to tell cuz she's less than 7 weeks and they've had a difficult time getting to this point. But anyway, I've taken a little time off from the KNITS for Kids thing to work on the baby blankets. My mom is also knitting a baby blanket.

Also, I want to start looking at cats for adoption. I know it seems really early, but I've been preparing for Logan's early demise since she was about a year old and we found out she had a heart murmur. Also, I've been wanting to get another cat since we put MnM down. And I don't know, but I think being with Logan when she passed helped give me, like, instant closure or something. I dunno. Maybe I just really miss her company and her bedtime cuddles. I kinda feel like I need a replacement.

See, the thing is, I'm disabled and can't work. Basically I'm home alone all day and my kitties were the ones that kept me company while everyone is at work. Now I don't have that. I've actually resorted to sleeping with my Clark's Trained Bear: Soggle aka Soggie Bear. Then tonight my mom's friend Mike brought me 2 cat Beanie Buddies telling me that he knew he could never replace Logan but hopefully these would help. He's a sweet guy. Now I know why my mom has been friends with him since high school :)

I'm off to sleep now.
Sweet dreams F-listers

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The afghan is actually called: The Mindless Knitting, TV Watching, Scrap User-Upper Afghan. Just thought I should get it right. =D



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