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So this post is looooong overdue. But it took me till today to be able to see my urologist. My kidney stones are basically a mixture of the two types of kidney stones people get. There are two types of calcium that make up the two different stones, you usually have one or the other. Well, my stone was a mixture of both kinds of calcium. My 24 hour urine analysis showed that I have very low citrate acid in my urine and my blood tests show the same the same thing, that I have low acid in my system. Doctor told me that I was born this way. Basically, I've had a birth defect for 25 years that no one caught.

Wondering how I treat it? Well, first of all, LOTS of fluid, which I've been doing ever since May. But I also have to get my acid levels up. If I wanted to do that organically, as in using food sources, I'd have to drink a GALLON of orange juice a day. I could probably do it, except for the fact that that would put a humongous amount of calories in my diet and also a ton of sugar. Like, to the point of making me diabetic probably, since I already have blood sugar issues that I've been able to control with just cutting down on sugary drinks. So instead of a gallon of OJ a day, I get to take pills. I have to take potassium-citrate twice a day. I'll start on one pill twice a day and then if it doesn't cause tummy issues, I'll move up to two pills twice a day. And also because it's potassium-citrate (you need the potassium to absorb the citrate correctly, like with calcium you need the vitamin D) I have to have blood work every so many months to make sure my potassium levels aren't too high. Yay, more needles! /sarcasm

But at least now I know why I get these stupid things and I can try to prevent them. As the doctor said, the treatment isn't 100%. There's no guarantee that I'll never have another kidney stone, but this makes it less likely that I'll have them. But the good thing is, I have a very mild case --aka my kidneys are mildly screwed up-- so I'm less likely to have more stones with the treatment than someone who has a severe case. The doc was like, I know it didn't seem mild to you, but it's definitely a mild case. It's like my Crohn's Disease. When I was diagnosed I basically thought I was dying my symptoms were so severe. Turns out I only have a moderate case of it. When I found that out, I had said to my mom, If my case is moderate, I can't imagine what people with a severe case go through.

So all in all, even though I have to take MORE meds (because we all know I don't take enough already) I'm pretty lucky. As far as what I eat, it doesn't matter because the stones aren't caused by anything I eat. They're caused by having screwed up kidneys. So that is definitely a good thing especially since I have so many restrictions from the Crohn's.

Next up for me today, Physical Therapy. The first one of my last four.... at least I'm hoping.

Hope everyone is having a good day today! =)

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So I had my appointment with the urologist this morning. I had an x-ray and a pee test. Both were inconclusive. If the stone's too small they can't see it on the x-ray. So the next step is a cat scan. I also have to take Flomax which is usually used for men with enlarged prostates, so my insurance probably won't cover it. But the reason I'm taking it is because it also opens up the tube from your kidney to your bladder so it may open up enough to let the stone pass through. And apparently the pain I have is because the stone is blocking my urine from passing to the bladder from my kidney, which can cause damage to the kidney if it doesn't drain properly. So that's a little scary.

My scan is today at 1:00 pm. The doctor will call me by Thursday to discuss what the findings are. Afterwards, I have to make a decision on whether I want to wait it out or if I want surgery. Yup, you heard me. Surgery. At this point, I'm all for the surgery, but if the cat scan shows that the stone is down near my bladder, I'll take the pills and wait it out for a little bit. He'll also gave me a prescription for pain killers THANK GOD! I'm so happy because the Extra Strength Tylenol doesn't always cut it, even when I take two. But if the scan shows that the stone is half way down the tube or even closer to my kidney, I'm opting for the surgery. I've had enough with this pain already. I mean it started, like, the last day of February. It's been a long-ass time. I know I've gone a few weeks now without pain, but now it's been a week with pain anywhere from sore to excruciating. So basically on a scale from 1 - 10, anywhere from 1 - 15. lol. Yeah, it can be that bad.

It's a good thing my mom took the whole day off, because first we had the urologist, then she had to go see the condo association lady, then I have my scan at one, then at four I have my regularly scheduled therapy appointment. So basically we're flat out today. I'm exhausted just thinking about everything we have to do! Although, I may be able to catch a nap between the scan and Sheila's appointment. It's also a good thing that Mom made my appointment to have my broken tooth fixed for tomorrow or I wouldn't have been able to get my scan done. Which would have been bad since my doctor is going on vacation next week because it's April vacation for his kids. Mass and Maine get it this week, but of course, New Hampshire has it next week. I'm pretty sure when I went to school in Newport NH I had April vacation different than my friends here. It's like Merrimack County is different than the rest of New Hampshire. I don't know why, but whatever.

& & & & &

So listen to this. Yesterday my long-time friend said something kinda mean about Dog The Bounty Hunter. She called him a psycho with a mullet. So I replied to her comment on Facebook saying that Dog isn't psycho, he's a sweetheart. That his whole family is kind and caring. That their motto is Find 'em and Fix 'em. Today I got a txt message. She said, Hey mandy! My internet is down and wanted to apologize for my comment about Dog. It was insensitive and I will take it down ASAP. Love you!  I txt'd her back to say thanks for understanding and that Dog's life is very inspirational. I told her she should check out his first book. It's his autobiography and a good read. I can't wait to get his second book which is a continuation of the first. But I really just wanted to put this in a post because, srsly, how come she can be more mature and say sorry for hurting my feelings, yet someone else can't? I mean, if Jenn doesn't like watching Dog's show or even if she just doesn't care for him as a person, she should at least know who she's talking about. At least she can apologize for saying something about someone I look up to. And also, my best friend in the world hates Adam Lambert, she's a Gokey fan, but you know what? I don't really care. She thinks he's a jerk, but that's cool with me. And if he comes around here on his tour this summer, she'll probably end up going with me because he's touring with Allison Iraheta and we both love her. So you know what, I know how to have friends that don't like everything I like. I don't understand why some people freak out and can't. My real friends understand when I freak out and write a rant about them on my livejournal. Because it's a RANT and they understand I'm just getting my feelings off my chest instead of letting it bottle up until the point where I cut or do something worse. I haven't cut in, like, 4 or 5 years. I'd like to keep it that way.

So that's all I've got to say at the moment. Health-wise I'm doing okay, things are getting figured out. Although, every room I went in to at that place had a tube of lube in it and that was kind of weird. I kept thinking, what exactly do they do here? lol All my slash friends probably know where my mind was going with that. lol.

Keep your fingers crossed for my scan today, and for my tooth tomorrow. Talk to you later.

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So apparently the nurse that called me on Friday was an utter moron. I don't have a kidney infection. Nowhere on my chart does it talk of infection. The nurse my mom talked to today said that I have something that's like kidney stones, but it's not stones it's more like sand. She also said that the ultrasound showed the tube from my kidney to my bladder is all swollen from the irritation. She said to drink plenty of water and take Tylenol for the pain. Also putting heat on it helps. The specialist called today to say they have all my info but they don't have time to see me yet and they'll call me back when they've got a spot open. *eyeroll*

Also I think I'm drowning in depression. It sucks.

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So I said I'd update you when I knew more about my kidney stone problem. Well.... It may not be kidney stones. There are four possible things my pain could be, kidney stones being one. It could also be an ovarian cist, a pinched nerve in my back where the pain goes all the way to the front or my Crohn's Disease. Which he thinks is probably less likely since I haven't had symptoms in a year.

So the doctor wanted to do an x-ray because you can see kidney stones on a plain x-ray because they have calcium in it. I was like, okay cool. So he had to ask me if I was pregnant. I wanted to roll my eyes, but I said no. He asked if there was any chance and I said no. He wanted to know how I knew and I told him because I hadn't had sex in a very long time. He was like, but your mom's in the room and I'm kind of like, your point? I didn't say it, but I was thinking it. But he would not do the x-ray unless I took a pregnancy test. Of course it came back negative. I wanted to be like, No duh! On the way home I told my mom that I should have made him felt bad by saying, I haven't had sex since I was raped when I was 15, that's how I know I'm not pregnant. I have to admit he's a good doctor, very thorough, but kind of condescending *eyeroll*

Anyway, I haven't gotten a call back on the x-ray. But today I have to have an ultrasound. And from what he said, it sounds like I have to have an external one AND an internal one. Ick. I don't like the internal ones. Those are uncomfortable. But I'm hoping that this will finally tell me what's wrong. If it doesn't I think I may have to hurt someone.

I'm actually kind of hoping that whatever it is, it's something that can be fixed by having a procedure done, whether it's a surgery or whatever. Just because I know that once I have the surgery and get over the recovery, I won't be in pain anymore. I'm just kind of scared that if it's a mass on my ovary that it won't be a cist, it'll be cancer.

So I just got a call from the clinic. They have the results of my x-ray. There are NO KIDNEY STONES!!!! Like WTF! Anyway, it showed that there is some calcification in my pelvic area but has nothing to do with my urinary tract. The x-ray also showed I'm slightly constipated. WTF? I told the nurse that that is weird because I've been having regular bowel movements and I've been drinking a lot, because that's what you do when you think you have kidney stones. You drink like a fish. So apparently the dr wants me to watch my painkiller intake b/c narcotics can make you constipated. He also wants to me keep drinking a lot AND eat a lot of fiber. Which is stupid because too much fiber actually MAKES me constipated. So eff that idea.

So I called my mom and told her about the x-ray findings. Then I told her about my fear of cancer. She said you're too young. Then I told her there have been girls in their early 20's who die of breast cancer because they don't recommend mamograms until you're 40. Mom asked me if I'd ever had one and I said no. I also told her I was scared because my grandma died of spinal cancer and her symptoms started as back pain. And also when my mom said that I was too young, I pointed out that a two year old died the other day from cancer so there's no such thing as "too young."

I'm freaked. Pray for me.

P.S. it's now 10:42 and I can no longer eat or drink. Boo.
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So I've been having kidney stone pain for two weeks as of last Saturday. I called the dr on Wednesday and she said if I wasn't feeling better by Friday that I needed to come see her. Well, Thursday, Friday & Saturday I felt fine so I didn't call her back. Then yesterday I woke up with pain. At first I thought it was a gas pain bc I was really gassy. But then the pain moved in to my back and I knew it was the kidney stones.

The first time I took a percocet it worked quickly. But then bc I felt better I started moving around and doing stuff. That made the pain come back and it came back worse! When I could finally take another one, it didn't even touch the pain. When I went to bed I fell asleep pretty quickly but only slept an hour and woke up in excruciating pain. So this time I took two pills and I slept for two hours.

I wrote on the white board that I took two pills and when I woke up there was a message from my mom. She was mad that I took two bc she thought I was only supposed to take one. When I talked to her I told her the dr said I could take 1 - 2 every 4 - 6 hours as needed. Apparently she didn't know that. Thanks for listening to me when I told you that on Wednesday.

So I called the clinic this morning. The earliest they could fit me in was during my mom's dentist appointment. She had a rootcanal done last week. So I told them later was better. Now I have an appointment at 4:30. I'm actually excited bc hopefully they can do something for me. But I'm not seeing my pcp bc she doesn't work on Mondays. But the doctor I'm seeing is Jeff's doctor and he thinks he's really awesome. So it's all good. Now if it could just be time to go.

I'll update again when I know more.

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So I interrupted my writing to write this journal post. I felt the need to make an update on life for a change.

So last week I had a horrible fight with [livejournal.com profile] prettyzombiegrl. It sucked hardcore and I was miserable, as I'm sure she was too. But we worked it out eventually and things are great now. I'm so glad because she's one of my bestest intraweb friends. It also shows how far I've come since I was a teenager. When I was a teen, if we'd had this fight, I probably would have told her to fuck off and never spoken to her again. So in a way, it was nice to have a big blow up and be able to work it out. It makes me feel more like an adult and I like that. Although, I wish I could have felt that way without having to have a fight like that. But it doesn't matter now cuz we're all good =D

And just when I'm starting to feel really good emotionally, I start to feel really bad physically. I've got kidney stones apparently. They hurt like you wouldn't believe! This morning when I woke up, my entire back hurt. I thought I was dying. Luckily I have percocets to help with that. Two years ago when I got them, it took me six days to pass them. So this started on Saturday... If it takes me as long as it did last time, I'll feel better by Friday. Now I can't wait for Friday to come around. lol. But I felt so bad yesterday I had to cancel my therapy appointment b/c sitting up for too long makes me hurt. It's like, laying down makes it settle so it doesn't hurt. Then when I sit up and start moving around, it makes the stones move around and hurt. So, like, showering sucks. Even sitting at my laptop sucks. But I've been sitting up since 11:30am and I'm not out of my mind with pain, just a tad bit sore, so I'm loving it :)

Last night I told my mom that I wanted to get guinea pigs this week. She said no because this week is soooo crazy, but maybe next week. I'm so excited although she says I can only get one piggie. Mom said she was reading something and that getting them in pairs only makes them live longer so she doesn't think it's necessary to get two. I'm okay with that. But I told her that with rats you HAVE to get at least two because rats become neurotic if they don't have at least one cage-mate. But we're not getting rats, so that doesn't really matter to us. I still need to do a little research on what types of fresh veggies they can eat. Guinea pigs, like us, don't produce their own vitamin c, they have to get it from supplements or the food they eat. On one website the woman's g-pigs wouldn't drink their water if she put vitamin c drops in it and I actually read somewhere that it doesn't work as well in their water anyway. Also, just getting one means I don't have to get another bigger cage. The one I have will work fine as long as I give the piggie plenty of out-of-cage time. Which is something I'm definitely looking forward too. And in the warm months I can take it outside.... as long as I get it a harness & leash (which you can get specifically for g-pigs) or a critter play-pen. Anyway, that's something I'm really looking forward to.

Another thing I've done is figured out what to do with my birthday money my grandma sent me. Lion Brand Yarn was having a sale on this knitting needle kit. You get straight AND circular needles in sizes 2 - 15. Plus you get 4 different length cables for your circular needles. And they all come in a travel case. It's usually $90 for the whole thing. But the sale price was only $59.95! Plus, because I live in the US of A I got FREE shipping!!!! You know how I love that free shipping. lol. Since my grandma gave me $25 for my birthday, that means this $90 case of needles really only cost me $34.95. Can you say BARGAIN? Also, two nights ago I ordered a t-shirt from the Chapbros because their store is going out of buisness on March 11th. They said they don't have enough time to run it the way they'd like it to be run. So for a little less than $40 (including shipping) I got a black t-shirt that has "LBC" going down the side and on the back it sez "I've Got Your Back" and there's a picture of Leland B. Chapman.... As in Leland from Dog the Bounty Hunter! I'm so excited! I can't wait for it to get here!

So emotionally I'm doing really well even though I feel so painful at times. But really, the pain only bugs me when it hurts wicked bad and I'm trying to sleep and can't get comfortable. That's when I dig out the heavy duty pain killers. lol. All in all life is good right now. I'm having fun writing and I'm knitting a hat for charity, major karma points there :) And of course I love knitting so I'm killing two birds with one stone: doing something I love while making something for someone that needs something. Ya know? And I love the mental health providers I'm working with. Lene and Sheila are great! I miss Marisa, but Sheila is pretty awesome. And Lene is so cool. It's funny because we kind of have the same personality, except she's not all anxious and depressed and what-not. She's got the good parts of me in her. It's cool because we make the same kind of jokes and she gets the whole being able to go to concerts thing even though just going shopping can cause an anxiety attack. She's the first one to completely get it. Others have gotten it, but not to the point that she does.

What I'm really trying to say is that life is great right now. I'm happy. I'm having a great time writing and knitting and sprinting with my [livejournal.com profile] hanficsprints girls. Life is good and I hope it lasts until the sun gets here because once the sun comes out, I'm WAY less depressed =D
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So I'm going to the GI today for a Crohn's check up. I haven't had symptoms in a year which makes me insanely happy and will make this appointment easy. Except that I think I have kidney stones. Can you say ow? Srsly painful. I've been taking left over percocets from my oral surgery bc that's what the dr gave me when I had them before.

I'm going to tell my GI about the pain. I hope she'll make me get a cat scan while I'm there and not make me schedule an appointment with my PCP. I really hope she'll just diagnose me herself that way I can get on with trying to pass this thing. Or maybe it hurts so much bc it's too big to pass. I don't know. Or maybe it's not even kidney stones. Whatever it is tho, it needs to get gone and now.

If I take pain killers and a nap the pain goes away and stays away for quite some time. But if I start moving around it starts hurting again. So taking a shower was nice until I began hurting. My mom doesn't want me to take any percocets until after my appointment. I just hope it doesn't get to the point where I'm practically in tears sitting in the waiting room. That would suck.

My mom's getting out in about 15 minutes so I've gotta go. I'll let you know how things work out.

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So yesterday I posted about how my blood pressure was absurdly high and I had to go see my doctor. Of course my doctor is out till Tuesday or Wednesday because she's doing continuing education right now. Anyway, so I saw this woman named Sarah and her nurse I did not like. But that's not the point.

My blood pressure was taken by the nurse and then it was taken by Sarah. It was 140/102, not good. Sarah listened to my lungs, my heart, the arteries in my neck. It was...nerveracking to say the least. I just wanted to get out of there. But apparently she doesn't think it has anything to do with my medications. She thinks it's just bad genetics. So she told me to take my blood pressure at home a few times a day for a month and take a low dose of blood pressure medication, the same kind my mom's taking. Then after that month I have to go in and see my PCP for a follow up to show her what my BP has been. Hopefully it'll be better. But who knows. *shrug*

I guess I just have a body that....hates me, or something. I wish I didn't have such bad family history. But that's something you can't really do anything about. I guess it's better than not knowing b/c if we didn't know, it could be harder for the dr's to figure out what's going on.

[please, mom, stop talking to me while I'm trying to type. i don't really care about the TV show.]

This whole thing still makes me nervous. I'm 24, this shouldn't be happening. But this is my luck, this is how things always work for me. I tend to always get the shit end of the stick. Like Crohn's Disease. Doctors aren't sure how you get it. They think it's most likely hereditary. I'm the only one that has inheritated it. I'm so cool. Enough complaining tho. I'm just completely scared and this whole thing is kind of like, What else could go wrong, kinda thing. I take so many freaking medications as it is. I didn't want to take anymore, but my prayers weren't answered.

Speaking of prayers..... You know how some people say that God only puts you through the struggles he knows you can handle or whatever? Apparently God doesn't know me very well. I'm really not as strong as he thinks. And seriously, couldn't he let up on my illnesses already? I don't like having to worry about something new every other month. Give me an effing break already! [/end rant]

Thanks for listening.
Thanks for caring.
I think that's about it for now except we're going out to dinner with Jeff, Doug and Mark tonight. At least that'll cheer me up. I hope everyone else is having a better time than I am.

*hugs to all*

[p.s.] i can't spell
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So yesterday I went to my med check appointment where they took my blood pressure. The nurse was all excited because she had gotten this new digital BP monitor. All she had to do was push a button. Let's just say it was bad. Like 162/113 kind of bad. That's probably the highest it's ever been. I don't think it was even that high when I was having one of the most severe anxiety attacks. After she saw it was so high, she got the manual BP monitor and took it again. It was almost the same, a little lower at 158/109; still really bad though.

So the nurse had me sign an updated release form for my primary care physician. She told me that since July my BP had been rising steadily. My cholesterol doctor had thought it could have been a combination of my smoking and my birth control pills. Well I've cut down on my smoking significantly, going from almost 2 packs a day to less than half a pack. Obviously I smoked more yesterday out of nerves. So anyway, I told my nurse this and she said it was too high to be just those. I also top. Her my PCP had wanted me to quit smoking before we looked into a med change. But this nurse really didn't think it was the meds.

After the appointment Mom and I went to Borders and Hannafors. I got my books and we got trash bags, some food, and some toys for Buddy. When we got home about an hour later, there was a message from my PCP's office saying to call them back ASAP. My mom called them. They were very concerned. They asked about how I was doing with smoking and if I was feeling well; if I was dizzy or had tingling in my hands or feet. Mom told them no. So I have to go in today for a 4:45pm appointment. I'm not looking forward to it.

What's surprising is that not only am I well on my way to quit smoking, I've also lost a bunch of weight. I've gone from a size 16 to a size 12 since Thanksgiving. Also I'm eating better and getting a little bit more exercise. And my cholesterol is better than it's ever been. You'd think with all these things combined my BP would be going down not up.

But then again I've got, like, a triple whammy. My mom is overweight has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My dad isn't overweight but he has high blood pressure and in 2001 had a major heart attack and had 5-way bipass surgery. His dad died of congestive heart failure; he had a heart attack when he was in his 40's. So basically I've got it coming from both aides of the family and it's coming hard.

I'm only 24, I shouldn't be dying so quickly. I'm freaked out. But what can I do? I couldn't sleep for the longest time, not till about 7:30 this morning. More than likely it's because I'm so freaked about today. Mom said she couldn't sleep either; which is funny cuz I heard her snoring. LOL

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed, wish me luck and pray for me. I think that'll be enough to save me. I will post again when I know what's goig on. I'll also post if I don't know what's going in. Either way you'll hear from me again later today... Or tomorrow at the latest.

Hugs and Kisses

Something to make you smile after this horrible post.....

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So as you may have read during the last day or two that I would be going to the dr's today— er, yesterday seeing as how it is officially Saturday now @ 1:54am.

Anyway..... My appointment went fabulous as was expected. My doc thought it was great that I want to take Chantix again. She said it might help my bloodpressure to quit and that it may not exactly be the birth control. That it's more of a combination of the two. So before anything else, she wants me to quit smoking. Then if my bloodpressure is still high we'll have to think about getting rid of the birth control which will suck so bad. Before I started taking it my periods were out of control. I don't want that to happen again. But I'll do what I have to do. I've vowed that the carton I bought on Thursday will be my last. I won't buy another carton of smokes for $45. I absolutely will not I'm very anti-smoking but it's only because I know what it can do to you and how expensive it can be. I've been smoking for 9 years! Can u believe that?! I started when I was 15. Back then I smoked four cigs a day. Now I'm up to a pack a day which is lower than some of the previous months

I'll be starting the Chantix as soon as I get my prescription filled. I can't wait to be a reformed smoker!

Night night to all!!!!


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So today I went to the cholesterol clinic. My blood tests were good, only one thing went up but just a little so it's in the right range still. Also, I've lost eight pounds since December or did she say May? Anyway January 2008 or maybe the December before, I was 181lbs. I am now 168lbs. So that made me feel pretty good.

Speaking of feeling good...... Wednesday my mom & I got haircuts. My cut was based off a style Ashlee Simpson had when her hair was black and all blunt edges and all razored. My hair looks awesome and I can't wait to show you.

Also, I didn't win any of the awards I was nominated for in the Hanfic Genre Challenge. I was nominated five times but didn't win any. :/

I also think Buddy needs a friend. He's the biggest trouble maker lately. He's jumping on the table and eating the plants and playing with my mom's knitting. First I thought it was because he was hungry. He usually starts acting out when he's hungry; chewing on things and playing with things he's not supposed to play with. He has his own toys he can play with. Maybe I need to get some chew toys for him. Or just more toys in general. I don't know. Maybe he just needs a friend. But my mom definitely will not go for that. But Buddy was used to living with ya know ten other cats. Now he's just got me 24/7 and my mom after work. I don't know.

I haven't quite decided between a refurbished laptop or a brand new netbook. I've found some good prices on both. But seriously, we also need to get a wireless router. I've found some good prices on those too. I found one laptop that once I cash my bday check from my grammie with all I've saved my mom would only have to pay...... Let me check the calculater. The guesstimate is $145 and trust me, she has the money. But then again we're trying to save up for a house. Also that 145 includes the wireless router. So it's not that bad. I think I might want a refurbished laptop instead of a new netbook b/c I want a bigger screen. But who knows. We'll just have to wait and see. I just hope it doesn't take too much longer. My mom always gets nervous with big ticket items where as I if it's something I've wanted for years as soon as I get the money and find the specific one I want, I buy it. I've come to this point in my life where I want to have nice things and I sometimes have money for those things so I buy them. What's wrong with that? I won't buy anything for a whole month just so I can have $80 to put towards saving for a laptop or netbook.

Oy vey it's late. I need to get to bed. I'll talk to u in the morning.

P.S. I'm going to see my PCP tomorrow... er today really. I'm going to try the Chantix again. A carton of my cheap brand of cigarettes went from $37.49 to $44.59 in, like, two weeks. Srsly. I really can't afford to smoke anymore. I told my mom I was never going to smoke a cig that costs over 40 bucks. I think it's funny that the day before I go to my dr to ask for help with my nicotine addiction that they finally went over $40

Goodnight for real now

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I am sooooooo frickin' busy the rest of this week. I have an appointment every day. And today I have two. Here is a list of this week's appointments.

Case-management with Jen
Haircuts by Lindsey

Cholesterol Clinic

6 month check-up with PCP

And somewhere in there Jaci wants to do something b/c we didn't see Fly Upright Kite on Sunday.

Oh my god! Carol Burnette has a Barbie Doll!!!! It's freaking awesome!


So I'm a busy beaver the next few days. So much so that I'll probably just want to sit on my ass all weekend and never move. But that isn't too unusal anyway.

Also, the awards for the HGC are being announced on Friday. I'm excited. And I'm not at all ashamed to say that I did indeed vote for myself. Today is the last day to vote, btw!!!! So vote for COLLIDE! Here's the link:

Hanfic Genre Challenge Voting!

So that's it for now I guess. Not much else to say. Talk to u later.

Hugs n stuff

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So yesterday most of the country had a wicked snow / ice storm. I, of course, had two appointments scheduled. Luckily both people called and canceled. One of them is a weekly appointment that we're just skipping this week and will be back in swing for next week at our regularly scheduled time. But the other was rescheduled for today at 4:30. I already have an appointment at 2:00. But my therapist told me that if any of her appointments after my med check (at 2) were canceled, she'd slip me in so I didn't have to go back and forth to Riverbend. She said she'd just tell my nurse if the appointment changed, so I won't know till I get there the first time. But it would be definitely nice if her 2:30 canceled so I can go right from my med check to my counseling appointment. But knowing my luck it won't happen. O_o

On a better note, I've been looking at craigslist.org to find a cat. I've found a whole huge list of ones I liked. But there's one I really like, even without a picture. It's described as a blue bi-colored Snowshoe, male, very affectionate. EXACTLY what I'm looking for in a cat. I looked up the Snowshoe breed in this cat book I have and Snowshoes are the cutest! They're a cross between a Siamese and a Birman, and a Birman is close in looks to a Ragdoll! It's so cool. Anyway..... I told my mom that my birthday is in almost a week and I want a cat for my birthday. Her response was something like, Now that's something I can do. So hopefully I'll be getting a cat soon. Then maybe I won't be so lonely in my house by myself. It'd be nice.

I just want you all to know, that this is not me not caring about Logan. But we knew when she was about a year old that she might have a shorter life span b/c she had a pretty moderate heart murmur; although that is not what took her out. We lost our other cat three years ago this April. For the past two years I have wanted to get another cat for Logan to be friends with. When we lost MnM, Logan started having bad separation anxiety. We could go to the neighbors' for just an hour and when we got home she'd just meow and meow and meow and not leave us alone, which was bad b/c she never liked to get picked up or petted much so when you tried to do that, bad things happened, if you get my drift (ie: biting). But it was worse after MnM died. I think it's b/c we got Logan when she was 8 weeks old. She went right from living with her littermates to living with MnM for 7 and a half years. I think it was traumatic for her. Also, I watched Logan be put to sleep. It was almost like instant closer. And I think 9 years of worrying that I'd wake up one day to find her dead from her heart condition sort of helped me prepare. Like I always knew I wouldn't have long with her. I still miss her and sometimes still look for her. Last week when Mom & Mike dropped me off after our dinner out, I came in the house, took off my shoes & coat and put my keys away and then went to call out "Baby!" only to realize that if I did, Logan wouldn't come running. So yeah, it still sucks, it will always suck, but I need someone to keep me company and someone I can love and heal my broken heart.

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I went to bed @ my normal time tonight. I slept until about 1:30am. Now I'm up and I can't fall back asleep. Which sucks in general. But of course it has to happen on the 1 day I got up @ 8 o'clock in the morning. And also a day in which I didn't even take a nap. But at this moment I'm wide awake. It sucks hardcore!

So, yeah, I don't know what to do really. It sucks. Plus I have an appointment @ 4:00 tommorrow... er, rather later today. I'm screwed.

Well, I guess I'm going to get going. I don't know what I'm going to do tho. *sigh*

Hugs and love
Sweet dreams.
No nightmares.

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Busy Bee

Nov. 24th, 2008 12:26 pm
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To-Do List

1). Shower

2). Get dressed

3). Blow dry hair

4). Med Check Appointment

5). Go with Mom to get her tires fixed

6). Therapy Appointment

7). Check mail for Hanson Book (b/c apparently USPS processed & sent it out yesterday from Springfield Mass) (it didn't come)

8). Rip All Wrapped Up CD to iTunes (prep for thanksgiving)

9). Load Holiday Tunes playlist on to iPod Touch (prep for thanksgiving)

10). Make origami turkeys (prep for thanksgiving)

I really don't think I have enough to do *eyeroll*
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I don't feel good. I feel kind of pukey. I'm debating on whether or not I should call my casemanager and cancel today's regularly sheduled appointment. o.O

On another note, my mom and I got our hairs did last night. We're pretty now. Here's a pic.

Lindsay made it all curly-pretty. And I'm loving the color.

[p.s.] I'm canceling my appointment.


Oct. 16th, 2008 02:58 pm
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I have to go to GI today at 4:00pm. Then I'm supposed to go to the neighbors' for Thursday Night Dinner. But I'm so tired and I kind of just want to burrow under the covers and not come out. I'm also supposed to call next door to tell them I'll be late, but I don't want to. I don't really even want to go over tonight, so I really don't want to call and be all like, I'm not coming over. I'm having a sucky day. It's all rainy and gloomy out and that's how it's making me feel.

Someone rescue me.
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My regularly scheduled 2 o'clock appointment was apparently scheduled for 1 o'clock this week. Neither my case manager nor I realized that. So as I got out of the shower, the phone rang and it was Jen saying what happened. She can't come at two today, obviously, so I've got the afternoon off. Instead of getting dressed I just put some p.jamas on. I'm free and clear to do whatever the hell I want. So maybe I'll get caught up on One Tree Hill and Kitchen Nightmares. And I'd just like to say that all the shows I want to watch are all on at the same time. Last year there was absolutely nothing on b/c of that damn writers' strike and now everything's on at the same time! Stupid TV. And, I don't have DVR so I have to actually tape the shows on VHS. Srsly.

Anywho. Today is a nice fall day, the temperature coming in at 65º. I'm not so cold and I have the windows open.
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I got my hanson tickets in the mail yesterday!

I really want to try my hardest to get a story done for the [livejournal.com profile] hphb Taylor Birthday Fic Challenge.

But right now I have to shower, get dressed, and eat something b/c I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. ICK.



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