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Acid reflux is killing me, but that's not what this post is about. This post is about my 25th BIRTHDAY, which was yesterday. It was also Buddy's 2nd birthday. It was also the one year anniversary of adopting Buddy. Hence why he is known as Buddy the Birthday Kitty :)

Anyway, yesterday started out pretty boring because I was home alone. But I spent the time playing on my computer and hanging out with the Birthday Kitty. Also when I got up, there was a message from my mom on the whiteboard that said, Amanda Happy Birthday! It made me smile. When she got home she let me open a present early. It was Michael Jackson's This Is It on DVD! I was so excited.

As for birthday wishes, I got a ton from friends and family on my facebook and from people on Twitter. It really made me smile. I also got my annual American Idol Birthday Call. What it is, is my mom's friend Gail calls and sings Happy Birthday as badly as she can. It's always one of the highlights of my birthday. Really, if you could hear, you'd die laughing. It's so bad! I love getting that call XD And I also got some really awesome birthday tweets from some really amazing singers. I totally screen capped them! So here they are:

Bday Tweets behind the Cut! )

So those of course really made my day! I was all SQUEEEEE!

Around six Mom and I went with Mike to Newicks for my birthday dinner. If you go on your birthday, you get up to $10 off your meal and they have stuff under ten bucks so you can essentially get a free meal. But you have to show your ID so it has to be your birthday. haha. It's this new tradition we've started, going for our birthdays, since we now have a Newicks in our city. We only used to be able to go once in a while since the nearest one was pretty far away. The food was amazing as usual. Mom and I got the same thing, but she got the smaller portion. It's a seafood caserole. It's haddock, shrimp and scallops in Newburgh sauce with crumb topping. It's soooooo good. Usually this time of year they have Seafood Shepherd's Pie, which is the same thing but with potato instead of the crumbs. But they didn't have it this year, so I was a little disappointed. But not by much since I got to have the caserole :) We were so stuffed, that when we got home we couldn't even have cake! And we still haven't. I wanted to have some for breakfast, but I thought I'd wait till after dinner so I could have some with my mom and get to blow out the candles and everything.

And now for presents. So you already know about the DVD. Well, from Mike I got 2 McDonald's gift cards. That's what he always gets me which I love. He's great. Saturday I got a card with $25 in it from my grandma. The rest of the things I got from my mom was a bunch of candy because I have the biggest sweet tooth EVER! She also got me a karaoke game for the Wii. And the last thing she got me was Kat Von D's book High Voltage Tattoo, which is the name of her tattoo shop. There are some awesome pictures in it! I haven't started reading it, but I've started looking through the pictures and they're cool. It's a really beautiful book. I can't wait to get started on it.

All in all, my birthday was pretty awesome. 25 is starting pretty well. Lets hope it continues this way :)
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I just want to say a big THANK YOU to [livejournal.com profile] lire_casander & [livejournal.com profile] badfalcon for my awesome snowflake cookies! Too bad I can't really eat them haha.

Thanks again. It really made me smile to get them :)

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So today was a very busy day. First of all yesterday was my mom's 54th birthday. Thursday she got a party thrown by her work friends. Then Friday night (her actual bday) Mike cooked her a fabulous meal. Then today Jeff threw her another bday party. We got there at four and didn't get home until 10:30pm. It was a long night but a good one. There was good food on the grill and Jeff even remembered to cut me up a cucumber because salad and Crohn's Disease don't mix. That made me happy. We had a really awesome cake too and slow churned vanilla ice cream. My mom really loved her Mama Mia soundtrack with bonus DVD. Which I still need to pay Jeff for because he got it for me while he was out today and I totally forgot to give him 20$ before I left. I kinda feel bad about that. Oh well. I'll just give it to him the next time I see him. *shrug*

So anyway Mom and Mike are going to a flea Market in the morning. The crazies are leaving at 7 in the morning 0.0
When they get back, Mom and I are going gerbil supply shopping! Finally! I've been waiting so long. I'm so excited! But I'm also waiting for the other shoe to drop and we won't be able to go. I have a list of supplies in the order I want to get them. The gerbils are at the very bottom. I want to set up their little home before I buy them. They say it's a good thing to do. Plus it'll be easier to shell out the money in a few trips especially when I'm getting paid on the 30th. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of money to get everything including the Gerbs in one trip. But this way I'll still have some money left over since I don't think my mom is going to let me use my stimulus check towards this purchase. I think she wants me to save half and use the other half on some clothes that actually fit.

But anyway! I am so on my way to getting those gerbils! I'm so excited! Hmm maybe that's why I can't sleep =D it probably is. It's gotta be.

So maybe I'll shower or maybe I'll just lay down and close my eyes and see where that gets me.

Goodnight my lovilies!

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Last night I finished the baby blanket for my cousin Dorene's baby shower. It came out really good. But it has now disappeared because my mom wanted to wash it. But it's awesome and I'm glad it's done.

Buddy was doing soooooo much better but now he's doing worse. You can actually hear the snot in his nose when he breathes. And if you put your ear to his body, you can hear him wheezing. My mom just called the vet and she said we have to shower with him, as a steam treatment. Also, we have to get him some wet food because he can smell it better. When cats have stuffy noses and can't smell, they won't eat. We've noticed Buddy is eating less so now it's time for wet food. The vet said if he isn't better by Friday, he needs to be seen again. My mom's kinda pissed that we ended up with such a sick cat. But I know she wouldn't trade him for the world.

Last but not least, now that I have the baby blanket done, I can continue with my Hanfic Genre Challenge story. I need to finish chapter four, write five and six and have them all posted by Monday at 11:59pm. I think I can do it. If not, I won't be in the running to get voted on. :( So, ya know, I really want to get it done.

That is it for now. I need to get writing. Wish me luck.

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Feb. 17th, 2009 01:20 pm
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[EDIT]: I wrote this at, like four in the morning. But before I could post it, my battery kicked the bucket. Now that the iPod is charged, I'm posting it.

So I'm just now laying down to go to sleep. I was thisfuckingclose to finishing the baby afghan that I'm making for my cousin's wife. While I went to see if I needed to bind off special because I'm using circular needles, my mom decided to measure the blanket. Well, when I came back, five or six stitches had come off the needles and had unraveled almost two full stripes. I had to rip out almost everything I had worked on today in order to fix it. My mom went to bed before I noticed what happened so she doesn't know. But ugh!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! I was so close to being done it's not even funny! Grrrrrr!

But it's okay. I'll get it done. I'll probably have it finished by tonight if all I do is knit all day. The shower's on Saturday so I really need to get it done. I have no fear that I won't. And after I get it done, I can go back to writing for the Hanfic Genre Challenge. I have the ending all figured out. Now I just need to get there.

That is all for now. I need sleep.

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Feb. 9th, 2009 02:22 am
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Hey guys. Sorry I didn't do a real post today. I was mostly chillaxin with my beautiful baby boy kitty, Buddy. I've been taking pictures of him off and on all day. It's been fun. He's so cuddly. I'm not used to that at all, but I completely love it! I love having a cat that doesn't care if I play with his paws or pick him up or cuddle with him as much as possible. He knows who his mama is =) Also, I noticed the day we got him that he has a brown [ ♥ ] on his back with a black tiger stripe down the middle of it. I feel like it's a sign or something. Like, he's going to heal my broken heart, like he was meant to come home with me. He sleeps with me all night and it's nice. He keeps me warm, especially with our house being so damn cold. Buddy and I sleep in the coldest room in the house.

But anyway.... I've got to get to bed. I actually have to leave my house tomorrow. Fun. I really just want to stay home for a week or two to just hang out with Buddy. I don't think he likes being alone. Another one of those cats. Oh well.

Bedtime! And snuggle time with my Buddykins =D

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& & & & & &

So I had an amazing birthday! First Mom and I went to PETCO to buy the essentials, ie: litter box, litter, food. Then we were off to the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA. We brought a cat crate with us just in case they approved us on the spot and let us take our cat home.

Well, the cat I've been drooling over for the past week was still there. Once I spotted him outside of the cages just napping in a cat bed, I knew I was going to take him home. He's so cute and cuddly and is mostly just chillaxin....... Right from the start. He didn't even cry on the ride home. He actually fell asleep on the ride. We've never had a cat that wasn't so freaked out in the car. It was actually quite nice. I almost forgot he was in there with us.

Right now Buddy and I are in my bed, the first time since Logan died. Buddy is the cutest, most cuddliest cat ever. It showed on his paper work that he was 11 months last month. So that means his first bday is in February. We've decided that his date of birth will now be February 7th, 2008, my cat and I have the same birthday. It's pretty cool. I'll post pictures of him at a later date, when I have more than three to post. Omg! Buddy even poses for pictures! It makes me giggle =)

Well, I think it's about time to get to sleep. I'll post a better update about my birthday tomorrow.

Sleep tight F-Listers!

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Jeezus! I'm so frickin excited about today that I can't get back to sleep. This is gonna suck by the end of the night. But I can't help it. I just want to go to petsmart / petco and the necessaries for my new kitty. We need a new litter box, some new toys, litter, food but we'll probably have to wait to see which one we adopt to figure out the food. Plus they'll need a collar and nametag, not that they'll wear it. I have Logan's tag on my keychain. Now I just need to find MnM's. Then all my memories of my babies will be with me all the time.

Damn. I really canNOT wait for today and then tonight. Today is going to be awesome. I can feel it. Can't you?

Anyway, Imma go on my freezing cold porch and have a smoke. Maybe when I come back in and get under my toasty blankets, I'll be able to get back to sleep. If not, I'll take a shower..... Maybe.

Well, I'm gonna go have that smoke now. I'll update later tonight and tell you how everything goes. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Feb. 4th, 2009 08:05 am
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[EDIT: I was trying to post this sometime after midnight last night but LJ was doing maintainence (sp?) so I'm posting it now..... Ya know, if it feels like working]

So I just found out today that my mom and I are going shopping for some new toys, litter box, litter, cat food and all those nice essentials. My birthday is Saturday and we're going to the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA to adopt a cat! For my birthday!!!!

I can't wait for Saturday! There's an 11 - 12 month old kitty named Buddy. He's the cutest kitty ever! My sister's cats are Jake and Junior b/c they look like twins, but Jake is bigger and older. So the reason I interrupted myself is this: Buddy could be their long lost brother. So now between my older sister Jessica and me, we'll have Jake, Junior and Buddy aka Junior Jr. LOL tho I shouldn't get my hopes up. We're still going to have to be approved for adoption. AND we have to make sure Buddy is the right guy for us. But I'm sure he will be.

*sigh* I just hope everything works out. I whope that if Buddy is a good match and they approve us on the spot, that when Saturday afternoon comes we'll be bringing home my new home alone companion. I miss having the company of a kitty when I'm here by myself. I miss having a little fur ball wake me up in the morning. I miss listening to the battle cry of late night hunts.

I can' wait till my birthday! It's gonna be a good one this year. I can feel it. I'm sure of it.

Bedtime now. I hope to have chapter 03 of Collide posted sometime later today. Sleep well little flisters ♥

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I figured that since I did a Christmas Wish List, I thought I'd do one for my birthday— which is, btw, February 7th. So here's my list:


1. Lots of different colored yarn (if u do this I may make u something out of it too. So send lots! LOL)

2. Demi Lovato's CD, I'm not sure what it's called, but it has the song Get Back on it.

3. Birthday cards in the mail....or any other mail that would make me smile

4. iTunes cards

5. Knitting needle stoppers (u put them on the ends of ur needles so ur stitches don't fall off when ur taking a break)

6. A mix CD of songs u think I might be interested in (I need some new music)

7. Hanson mood theme for el-jay and if u can, please include one for chair-dancing and/or insomnia.

I think I should just leave it at seven since that was the day I was born.

Email me: 


Goodnight F-List!
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So here's an updated picture of my KNITS for Kids sweater:

Ain't it beautiful?

And here's a Christmas present I got. Talk about awesome flamingos! (it's a marionette)


And these are my beautiful nails! They're press-ons...well actually they're glued on b/c they came with glue and those press-on stickers.....



That's all my pictures for now.

Another New Year's Resolution: take more pictures.

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OMG! I just got the coolest effing thing in the world!!!!!!

My present from [livejournal.com profile] n_isfor_neville  finally arrived! It had the cutest little kitty Christmas card with it. But the wicked awesome part was that she got me a bag! I'm not even sure if she knows my obsession with bags, but anyway... The bag is white and has cute little PINK FLAMINGOS on it! And it came with a little mirror with the same design. It has to be one of the coolest gifts I got this year.

So to Neville, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE IT! lol

[p.s.] I really need to post a picture of it.
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I'm trying something new with my livejournal application. I'm going to see if I can post a picture from my iPod. So here goes nothing.....

Yay!!!!!!! It worked! This is the poster we ordered for my cousin. The site we ordered it from said we had ordered it in time for it to get here for Christmas but it never showed. Come to find out the place didn't even ship the poster until Christmas Eve. Freaking morons. *eyeroll*

Well, I think I'm going to work on some knitting for a bit before I try to sleep. I hope all of you are getting a better nights sleep than me.

Hugs and kisses to all.
Love you, flist!!!!!!!
Love amanda: jaclyn's twin sister ♥

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So we just finished opening our Xmas presents. Everyone was very happy with what they got. My mom is a huge dork! She got me a hoodie that says "Oklahoma" on it because of Hanson! LOL Like I said, she's a dork. But I love her.

I also got Dog the Bounty Hunter DVDs.
Supernatural books.
Yoga pants.
A few different shirts.
Good Charlotte's Greatest Remixes cd.
A sapphire and diamond bracelet.
A scarf from Old Navy........

And um yeah. Basically I got a lot of what I wanted so I'm pretty happy.

I just wish I could go home now.

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Dec. 23rd, 2008 03:53 pm
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My mom special ordered something for me from Borders. She picked it up a week or two ago. Today in the mail there was a postcard from Borders stating that her special order had arrived. Then it said what the special order was. So now I know that I'm getting the Supernatural book, Bone Key.

Borders is getting no love from me right now. >.<
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Well.....mostly. I could probably use to get a few more stocking stuffers, but I've done fairly well with those too. I got Jake some hotwheels, I got Earica Littlest Pet Shop, got Russell a magnetix thingy, Carl this dinasour that hatches from an egg (plus I think there's goo in it), Joyce an Angel snow globe and of course it wasn't the one that was on sale.

Plus, I also got my gift for [livejournal.com profile] n_isfor_neville !!! AND, I got stuff to mail it in. I hope I can get it out for Christmas. But if not, definitely before the new year. I'm so late on everything this year. I only just wrote out my Christmas cards yesterday. Now my mom is signing the ones she wants to sign also so we don't have so many double.

Mom and I shopped from 9:30 this morning and didn't make it home till about 4:00. But that also includes dinner @ Newick's and traffic making us take an HOUR to get home. It's usually 15 to 20 minutes from the heights to the south end. And there's a snow storm going on so of course people are driving like idiots. I could have smoked a whole carton of cigarettes from the nerves they were giving me. I've been ready to drop dead since we got home.

Tis it for now. Except, I'm working on a new knitting project, just cuz.
I hope all you f-listers are home and snug as a bug in a rug.
I finally am.

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So here's to the last day of the Happiness Meme!

What has made me happy is that I txt'd Jaclyn and asked her what Jake is into these days. She told me Spiderman, Transformers and Super Cool Hotwheels. I'm all happy b/c now I know what I can get him for Christmas, buy it, and cross him off my list. =D

But poor Jaci. Because of the wickedly horrible ice storm, her and her family have no power and on Saturday all the hotels were booked so they had to go to Mass to stay with her aunt. They're still there b/c they still have no power. It sucks b/c she wants to come home. *huggles to her*

But again, I'm very happy I know what to get Jake now.

the end.
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So here is the remainder of presents I need to buy:

1. Mom
2. Jaclyn (bday & xmas)
3. Jake
4. Eliza
5. Tanner
6. Joyce
7. Lynn
8. Grammie
9. Earica
10. Russell
11. Carl
12. [livejournal.com profile] n_isfor_neville 

I bought most of the crossed off ones last night. I can't believe how late I am this year.

I suck.
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I'm very sorry that I broke the rules and did not post something happy yesterday. But we were quite busy with shopping for birthday presents, going to the birthday party, then buying Christmas presents, so I did not have the time. But I'm making up for it by posting what made me happy yesterday AND today. =)

Day #5 (yesterday)
     What made me happy yesterday was seeing baby Lily open the present we got her for her first birthday. It was a stuffed animal, a sheep with her baby and it was the softest thing ever! But Lily's favorite parts of the present were the ribbon and tissue paper. But that's not all that surprising b/c she's only one year old. She was completely cute and that made me smile.  =)

Day #6 (today)
     Today what made me happy was going to Mulligan's with Mom, Jeff and Mark. Jeff and Mark go to Mulligan's for breakfast just about every Sunday. And they always get the same waitress! This was Mom's second time and this was my first time going there. The place was really nice and quiet and calm, and the food was delish! I had to bring most of it home b/c I got a Club omlette and they make them with 3 xtra large eggs, it was HUGE!!! It doesn't even really look like I ate any of it b/c it's so big. But it was yummy with bacon, turkey, cheese, and tomatoes in it. Hence why it's called "The Club."

So that is my happiness post.
I hope everyone is having a good weekend.
I'll talk to you later!
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My mom just called to let me know that her and Jeff were back at Jeff's house and that she was going to smoke a cigg and then come home. Then she told me she bought me something really nice, but it's not shoes. Then she said that it also wasn't from the Dollar Store. haha

I love my mom. She's just as crazy as me! XD


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