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Prompt 393 from [info]all_unwritten

Dedicated to [info]gaypridegirl83 for unknowingly inspiring me to write this =)

Prompt 393: before you go
by: amanda: jaclyn's twin sister

before you go, will you turn out the light
before you go, will you whisper goodnight
before you go, will you hold me in your arms
before you go, will you sing my favorite song
before you go, will you kiss me on the head
before you go, will you tuck me into bed
before you go, will you dry my eyes
before you go, will you silence my cries
before you go, will you hear my heart break
before you go, will you call me a mistake
before you go, kiss me once more
before you go, please lock the door


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173: left behind )
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I was picturing a young Zaylor here.
Zac is, maybe, 14.

( 155: no one needs to know )
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99: it's not a date

As I showered and washed my hair, I told myself, it's not a date.

As I got dressed and put on some perfume, I told myself, it's not a date.

As I made sure my phone was charged and there was cash in my wallet, I told myself, it's not a date.

When I heard his car pull in the driveway, I told myself, it's not a date.

I heard his foot-steps on the stairs.

It's not a date.

Three loud knocks on the door.

It's not a date.

I take a breath and turn the knob.

It's not a date.

I see his smile.
His matching shirt and tie.
The purple daisies in his hand.

It's a date.

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I went through all the prompts that [livejournal.com profile] all_unwritten has ever had and I wrote down the ones I'm most interested in. So here's the list. The ones crossed out are the ones I've already written for.

& & & & &

Prompt #1: in the beginning

Prompt #7: I was 14 when...

Prompt #8: heat

Prompt #9: crash

Prompt #12: luck

Prompt #17: wound

Prompt #18: the window rattled

Prompt #19: I heard her that morning

Prompt #20: I'll put his picture down and maybe / get some sleep tonight - Teardrops on My Guitar by Taylor Swift

Prompt #21: pages scattered about the floor

Prompt #22: Dear ________,

Prompt #23: layer of dust

Prompt #29: The end of summer

Prompt #33: and it was enough to make him cry

Prompt #37: meant to be

Prompt #38: the scars we bare

Prompt #39: pulse

Prompt #42: stars

Prompt #44: a moment of silence

Prompt #47: missing
More behind the cut... )
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92: her hair fell over her eyes )
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So I just recently joined the community [livejournal.com profile] all_unwritten
It's a writing-prompt community.
Here's my first bit.
I was thinking Benji/Joel when writing this.

132: tattoos )


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