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Title/Chapter: Out of Sight (00:prologue/??)
Author: amanda: jaclyn’s twin sister / [livejournal.com profile] writefiction 
Fandom: Whale Wars
Pairing: Benjamin “Pottsy” Potts / OFC: Blake Hall
Rating: G
Warning: None
Notes: This is written as a mixture of journal entries and First Person past-tensed.
Word Count: 197
Summary: Blake wanted an adventure, so she signed up for the whaling campaign with the Sea Shepherds. But after five long months stuck on a ship with Benjamin “Pottsy” Potts, it was anything but an adventure.

CHAPTER 00: prologue

June 2009

I signed up for the Sea Shepherd campaign to have an adventure. To meet some new people, to learn some new things. Like how to survive on a ship for six months, eat only Vegan meals and learn to conserve water by showering every three days for no more than five minutes.

I had to learn at the age of twenty-five how to be away from home for more than a week.

But the one thing I hadn’t expected was to fall in love while riding the rough seas. I fell hard and I fell fast. I didn’t mean for it to happen; I hadn’t planned for it to happen on this trip. And I certainly didn’t mean to fall in love with a man who was in a committed relationship. I guess I was just lucky he wasn’t married.

All in all, six months on a boat in the freezing Southern Ocean, which is really the middle of nowhere, wasn’t anything like I expected it to be.

By the time I set foot on solid ground today, I had learned that it’s never what you expect, no matter what “it” may be.


& & &

[stay tuned for chapter one!]
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