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Title/Chapter: Starting Over (01/01)
Author: amanda: jaclyn's twin sister
Pairing: OFC / OMC
Rating: Light PG
P.O.V.: First person, OFC [emmie]
Author's Note: Although this is a short story / drabble (whatever you want to call it), it may actually end up being a series.
Warning: This story involves a relationship of an incestual nature. But I promise it's not what you think.
My Table
Summary: When I left my small hometown in New England and moved to New York, I thought I was starting over. Little did I know that the past would rear it's beautiful ugly face.

PROMPT #038: starting over

When I left my small hometown in New England and moved to New York, I thought I was starting over. Little did I know that the past would rear it's beautiful ugly face.

I was working at a little coffee shop when it happened; when he happened. He strolled through the door one day and up to the counter. I didn't notice him until he reached out to touch my hand and murmured my name.


Startled, I snap my head up at the sound of his voice.

"Eli," I sigh. "What are you doing here?" I'm more sad than angry.

"I'm here for you," he answers quietly.

I bite at my lower lip to keep it from trembling. "I came here to get away from you," I reply. "Now please, just go."

"I can't," he says. "Not until I talk to you."

"There's nothing to talk about," I tell him, then move down the counter, wiping it down as I go.

"You can't keep dismissing me like this!" he exclaims, his voice rising in volume. A few nearby patrons look over at us.

"Keep your voice down!" I hiss. "This is my place of business and I won't have you making trouble for me."

"We need to talk," he replies. I glance at the clock above the expresso machine.

"Look, I get off work in about an hour. Come back then and we'll talk." Eli smiles brightly, nodding eagerly.

"Okay, good. I'll see you in an hour." Then he leaves and I have an hour to get out of this.

My hour's up and I have absolutely no plan. But Eli is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he forgot. Probably not. Maybe he's running late and I can sneak out before he shows up. Once I'm outside though, I know I'm wrong. There he is, leaning against the brick front of the building. But he hasn't noticed me yet. Maybe I can turn around and go the other way or cross the street and blend in with the other pedestrians. But I know if I don't talk to him now, he won't ever go away. On the other hand, if I do talk to him he might get the wrong impression and not leave.

I sigh. This sucks. "Crap," I mutter as I finally make my decision. I move slowly and quietly in his direction. I step up beside him and take a deep breath. "Hey," I say quietly.

Eli lifts his head and upon seeing that it's me, a wide smile breaks over his face. My heart flutters in my chest and I mentally curse myself for letting him affect me like that.

"Hey!" he greets me happily. Then he reaches out to hug me like we always have in the past.

I take a step back and hold my hand up to stop him.

"No. If we're going to have this conversation, there will be no touching," I tell him. Eli steps back and nods.

"I understand," he murmurs looking hurt.

We're silent as he stares at his feet. After a moment he looks up at me.

"So, do you want to go somewhere to talk? Maybe get some lunch?" he asks.

"Lets walk and talk," I suggest. "I have an appointment a few blocks away."

"What kind of appointment?" Eli asks as he lets me lead him away.

"I don't think that's any of your business," I answer stiffly.

"Okay," he says slowly.

"Well it's not," I reply.

Once again there's silence.

"Why did you leave?" Eli asks gently. He sounds almost sad. It makes my heart ache but I try to ignore it.

"I needed to start over," I tell him. From the corner of my eye I see him shake his head.

"No," he says. "Why did you leave the way you did? No phone call, no forwarding address, no nothing. Do you know how much that hurt?"

I grit my teeth against the emotion that wants to spew forth.

"I don't care how much it hurt," I tell him. "It needed to be done."

"You don't really believe that," Eli replies. "I know you still care. I know you still love me. Why'd you runaway?"

"You wouldn't leave me alone!" I exclaim stopping in my tracks.

Eli stops and turns to me, his heartache clearly written on his face. "I love you," he says.

"Don't say that!" I reply clenching my hands into fists.

"But it's true."

"No. No. No-no-no. You can't love me, Eli. You're my brother."

"Half brother," Eli corrects me. My honey-colored eyes fill with tears.

"What does it matter? It's all the same," I say miserably.

"No it's not," he replies quietly, wiping a tear from my cheek. "We only met a year ago and we didn't find out we were related until after we fell in love. It's different, Emmie. Can't you see that?" He looks at me intently.

"It doesn't matter," I tell him. "We're still related. It's still wrong."

"How can this be wrong?" he murmurs taking my hand and placing it over his heart. "Feel that?" he asks. I nod. "It's beating for you. Only you."

I take my hand back and look away.

"Eli," I sigh. "I've gotta go. I have that doctor's appointment to get to."

"Doctor's appointment? You never said it was a doctor's appointment. Are you okay?" The caring and concerned Eli I fell in love with comes shining through.

My bottom lip begins to tremble and I'm scared that I'm going to start bawling.

"I'm fine, Eli," I try to reassure him. "I'm just, I... I'm pregnant."


Would you like to see this continue?


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